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Albert Moyer Jr
Toyota will outlast a Subaru any day and has a lower operational cost. Toyota parts are more readily available too, if you do have a rare issue. Toyota's also maintain their value much better.
Comment from : Albert Moyer Jr

Outback Onyx XT...that is all.
Comment from : jonnyfish76

Billy Bio
Wow, surprised at the comments, Subaru definitely wins this contest 👍
Comment from : Billy Bio

Curtis Robinson
I've driven both. The 4Runner looks better in my opinion but drives more like a truck. The Forester feels roomier, drives more comfortably and I love the huge sunroof! I'm buying the Forester!
Comment from : Curtis Robinson

Just to bad the Subaru is plagued with blown head gaskets in that 2.5 motor. The Rav4 will be much more reliable and the gas mileage is better.
Comment from : dhmtnracer1

Outdoor Layne
Toyota hands down. Vastly better reliability. No shitty CVT. No head gasket issues (yes - Subaru still has this problem)
Comment from : Outdoor Layne

Drove a RAV4... hated it. Bought a Subaru... LOVE MY BABY!!!
Comment from : grtwhtbnr

skinny faTony
11:58 RAV4 more sporty? Imho RAV4’s turn like a boat compared to the Forester, try flinging it hard on the accelerator in a corner and tell me which is sporty!
Comment from : skinny faTony

Adam Conolly
"Look up, look way up" - Canadian detected.
Comment from : Adam Conolly

Dunamis Hub
Which one is more reliable?
Comment from : Dunamis Hub

Cesar L Chen
In my book.... RAV4 XSE Hybrid... no contest... you get better power and mileage... hands down the best SUV out there... plus resale value = TOYOTA reliability.
Comment from : Cesar L Chen

Kalin Belchev
I checked both hybrids on an auto show in the city I live. Impressed with the Forester (again) and somewhat disappointed with the Rav4. Forester's interior is so much nicer, better materials, more visibility...
Comment from : Kalin Belchev

benoit girard
Subaru got the best traction but boxer 2.5 is still consuming oil after a while
Comment from : benoit girard

Bill Buschgen
Comment from : Bill Buschgen

What a waste of time. 13 minute video of absolute bulshit information.
Comment from : LordOfTheDrinks01

Vlad Blaha
Toyota is just plain ugly
Comment from : Vlad Blaha

Yes, RAV4 is not a real AWD and has limited off road capabilities. But what about reliability, fuel efficiency and ride comfort? Besides, in terms of safety, snow tires are more important than AWD. I had a Subaru when I lived in Vermont. In 3 years the Subaru had MORE mechanical problems than ALL of the troubles I had from owning Toyotas and Hondas for 20 years. Now that I live in a place with less snow, I am getting a RAV4 hybrid.
Comment from : H Z

It's all subjective of course, but the Forester looks great and seems to match its design brief, for a rugged sporty yet still an all-purpose vehicle.
Comment from : Rdodo67

Bert Lexington
You guys must work for Toyota because Subaru is the best driving car. I don't think anyone picked the Rav4 for any category .
Comment from : Bert Lexington

Forester all the way
Comment from : ojpofish

Andre.b. Hertsenberg
Comment from : Andre.b. Hertsenberg

As soon as winter hits, then your opinion will quickly switch to the Subaru.
Comment from : Porkchop1967

sanga p
Today I did a test drive on both cars. Your review is perfect but I prefer Subaru as it is the best utility vehicle with the smooth drive when compared to RAV4 which has a rough feel and lots of engine noise while driving and brakes are not smooth.
Comment from : sanga p

Rhino Horn
No vehicle that can beat a subaru i have a 2018 forester ride smooth , perfect off road and up hills
Comment from : Rhino Horn

John Nall
They didn't mention that the RAV4 has over twice the towing capacity of the Forester.
Comment from : John Nall

Kkki Hhjjjy
Biased Subaru has eyesight standard
Comment from : Kkki Hhjjjy

I like how they have Ontario plates but review was done in Vancouver BC
Comment from : AZN MAN

Angellou Sutharsan
Rav 4
Comment from : Angellou Sutharsan

Javier Bonilla
"I think it will appeal especially to the older people but also to the younger". That is the definition of a useless comment.
Comment from : Javier Bonilla

Comment from : ted101975

Forester for me!
Thanks for the review.

Comment from : pstaehlin

Kebandomer B
I am 72 and started with volvo wagons, then toyotas for many years. Owned couple BMW's also and then a Prius, and finally a Lexus RXhybrid. Toyotas are incredibly reliable but lately they, and Lexus, look like a large mouth bass with a frowning look on their face. Butt ugly. I love the continously variable trans on Prius and rx. Cant understand everyone's displeasure with them. Seamless smooth. I can do without the yo yo sounds of changing engine speeds. All said though I would prefer the Subaru for their comfort and refinement. Preferably in a plug in hybrid once its offerred.
Comment from : Kebandomer B

Subaru Forester has a CVT. That nixes it right there. Because a car with a CVT makes even the Yugo look good.
Comment from : Booboobear2388

Ahmed Kamel
"You've got to look at it every day"......that changes my perspective on selecting cars... Thanks
Comment from : Ahmed Kamel

SUBARU FORESTER: Visibility all around and PANORAMIC MOON ROOF are by far the best. Also, EYESIGHT is now STANDARD on every trim level of the FORESTER. I recently ordered the FORESTER TOURING. Hoping it will be in by the end of the year.
Comment from : CAMPFIRESKY

Christian Milkes
Comment from : Christian Milkes

I actually prefer the styling of the Forester over the Rav4.
Comment from : dc2renteria

You are supposed to discuss transmission. Automatic transmission vs CVT. But you didn’t. So your review is incomplete
Comment from : JEALOUS GUY

Raymundo Gonzalez
If all you care about is style. Then why do an in depth review at all. This should have been a 5 second video.
Comment from : Raymundo Gonzalez

Annie Young
I’ve got a 2010 Forester which has had a few repairs over the years, but nothing major until last summer. The radiator blew when I started it after it sitting idle for 7 weeks while we travelled. It was a very hot summer. It was repaired for about $920. And now I’ve got a list of future repairs from my last checkup in October which #1 is leaky gaskets to a repair cost of $3,000!!! So I’ve been looking at videos comparing 2019 models of the Forester and Outback to the 2020s... I’m more confused than ever :(
Comment from : Annie Young

Mark Marino
Subaru is hands down the winner where it all counts!
Comment from : Mark Marino

From Driving both of those vehicles, I believe there is Bias in this review. I stopped half way as I could see where this was headed and my experience with those two vehicles was completely different.
Comment from : T S

Put these guys in a foot of snow or some mud and see what happens, driving around the park doesn’t tell me who is better
Comment from : Mythos_Rancho


Comment from : zarbon700

Angus Wong
100% Subaru Forester
Comment from : Angus Wong

8:04 that was too close, give the cyclist some space
Comment from : dsego84

paul gilliland
Annoying reviews . Nothing of substance and certainly not to be confused with proper automotive journalism .
Comment from : paul gilliland

The buzziness of the engine is a turn off for me. It sounds cheap so I pick the Forester.
Comment from : expsterm1

Charles Eye
Forester all the way. The Rav4 can't touch Subaru's AWD system. Plus, all that extra visibility can't be discounted in any real world situation (whether on or off the road).

As for the "sporty" sound of the Rav4...it's a joke to anyone who is into actual sport vehicles. Why drive something that will just get laughed at by people with better engines for trying (and failing) to sound like them? It's an economy 4 cylinder. Just jump in the Subaru and cruise quietly through the woods. All the Rav4 is doing is scaring away the deer without the benefit of sounding like a real engine.

Comment from : Charles Eye

We love our 2020 Forester Sport.
Comment from : DubQWST

Tony C
Forester all the way.
Comment from : Tony C

Frank Dawe
Not!!! You guys really dropped the ball on this one. You basically picked the RAV for it's looks, which is a purely subjective assessment. The Forester is a much better vehicle overall, less expensive, and gets better gas mileage. You said it yourselves, but still picked the RAV. Lost all credibility in my eyes guys.
Comment from : Frank Dawe

Jannie Schlüter
You were financed by Subary? I got suspicious when you were saying that the boxer engine was smoother and quieter. 😆
Something is up, folks.

Comment from : Jannie Schlüter

Jeffrey Small
the woman is annoying this kinda fake review
Comment from : Jeffrey Small

Chris Ma
just FYI build from subaru global platform...

look into plz... don't be bias on the the RAV4 ...

Comment from : Chris Ma

Chris Ma
i have my 2014 forester.

i'm getting another one for 2020

Comment from : Chris Ma

Chris Ma
ontario license plate in Vancouver?
Comment from : Chris Ma

Emi Bosworth
Test drove both of them and decided to go with 2020 Forester because of its reliable safety features and the spacious and open feeling inside. RAV4's back seat was not comfortable. It was hard, felt vibration under my feet and didn't like the seating position? I mean, I'm a petit person 5'2 and bottom part of window was around my chin. Subaru on the other hand is so open and really enjoyable to ride in the back seat. (I'm the driver but I needed to know how my little ones feel in the back) I'm so happy with my decision.
Comment from : Emi Bosworth

4B vEnOm
Forester look ugly tho.. sorry I ill take the 4R over any small suv trying to compete each other. Lol
Comment from : 4B vEnOm

Edmond Casasa
Subaru is much better
Comment from : Edmond Casasa

2020 SANTA FE  is superior in every way....Don't agree drive one and see for yourself "I did yesterday" ...
Comment from : Bextar636

Seiko Watch
The Forester is a great utility vehicle that happens to have the unparalleled Symmetrical AWD system standards. However, when all numbers (known and unknown) are factored into the equation, the answer is RAV4.
I would be happy with either one but to write the check, it got to be TOYOTA.

Comment from : Seiko Watch

Tommy K
Forester. Hands down best in the snow in New York for small SUVs.
Comment from : Tommy K

vasilis coutsouvelis
Comment from : vasilis coutsouvelis

Fluffy Waffles
No android auto on the rav4? Why are there always compromises in really stupid areas? If people are gonna pay 35-40k on a goddamn car, make it have ALL the features.
Comment from : Fluffy Waffles

Patrick Lee
You cannot kill Subaru engines, they will continue to tick well after the competition is done.
Comment from : Patrick Lee

Vikash Dutt
Subaru forester is a better buy.
Comment from : Vikash Dutt

Geezer 49
The Toyota looks just like the Cherokee.
Comment from : Geezer 49

jon sertic
my friend's dad has a 1980 Toyota tercel with 1,000,000 miles and its the same motor. he just changes the oil every 2K miles. honest to God true story!
Comment from : jon sertic

Suhas Patole
Subaru no doubt
Comment from : Suhas Patole

Tom G
I would care what she was saying if she was braless.
Comment from : Tom G

Owned a 2015 Forester. Te dealer told me that 2 quarts of oil burned in 5000 miles was normal. Loved the car , but I will not put up with that. Now have a Rav 4. It doesn't burn oil.
Comment from : AL CAPPS

Is the girl drunk when she did this review?
Comment from : PinoyTechUnboxings

Buttercup Horn
Love my Subaru Forester Sport 2019, only complaint is the white pearl paint..it’s absolutely stunning...but it stains with bee poop and extremely hard to get off..love the eye sight feature and the openness of it..feel safer
Comment from : Buttercup Horn

Jeff Martin
whats with the "old women drives Forester " .. S F is a great SUV..
Comment from : Jeff Martin

Will Johnson
Car ignorant people? Subaru with auto shift mimic CVT trans POS. Duuuuuuuh?
People that know something about cars? Non turbo Rav4 with 8 spd auto.
Slam dunk. Who am I? Automotive engineer.

Comment from : Will Johnson

Cod Almighty
Comparison? Simple. The Forester does what the manufacturer says it does on the box. The RAV, by its comparison, is just a gimmick. I'd only take the RAV off road if I wanted to hide it from friends and neighbours to save my embarrassment.
Comment from : Cod Almighty

Beer Stein
Question from my wife: "Why do I only see old women in Foresters?"
Comment from : Beer Stein

Subaru Forester now has EBOXER (hybrid)
Comment from : trd42

Paul N/A
i had a Subaru once, two transmission replacements, I'm still very leary of their transmissions, and I've heard bad things about the cvt, but I did like the Subaru, but the rav4 has a top reliability rating. so there you have it
Comment from : Paul N/A

If leasing I'd go with the Subaru as the interior space with pano roof would be super nice to live with day in and out plus don't have to worry about the CVT out of warranty. If purchasing, I'd choose the Toyota for what should be a better long, term reliability experience, great resale and just enjoy the more "sporty" drive over the Subaru.
Comment from : modmatt1

KGS kgs
Forester super
Comment from : KGS kgs

Subaru ❤️❤️❤️👈
Comment from : V P

Mark VanRaam
The bright blue with a white top looks like a taxi.
Comment from : Mark VanRaam

Cosmo Fitz
I am a Subi fan, but won't touch a CVT car for another 10 years. If you only keep a car for 80k miles or less , go for it.
Comment from : Cosmo Fitz

EyeSight is standard accord the board.
Comment from : SubieN8

The Forester has a CVT, I would drive a Fiat standard before I drive any Car with a CVT. CVT failure past warranty equals totaled car. Anyone who thinks CVT is acceptable just compare Subaru CVT failures to Toyota Automatic Failures after 100000 miles. Run away fast.
Comment from : steph

I wonder if andrea has a fan page ?
Comment from : secpac58chichi

They look very similar but would prefer the Subaru AWD and handling over the Rav
Comment from : DM MD

bad review, in real life and real situations i know what i buy forester wins by a country mile.
Comment from : MrKeefrichards

Subie all day for me.:D
Comment from : Sehan

Subaru all the way
Comment from : aemluck

Андрей Сергеевич
Форестер лучший 💪👍😍
Comment from : Андрей Сергеевич

todd shaw
I like the Rav, just bought one
Comment from : todd shaw

Bryan Worth
I feel the Forester wins hands down! Subaru has the AWD system down pat and the X Mode really adds the the fact that you can go off road with no troubles.
Comment from : Bryan Worth

RAV4 more road noise, so my wife prefers the Subaru. I can't get pass the CVT; it's a nightmare waiting to happen. I have known too many drivers with buyers remorse having purchased a CVT vehicle.
Comment from : protochris

These two got it wrong. Subaru all the way. Slightly better MPG, larger fuel tank, larger cargo capacity, slightly better ground clearance, better 4-wheel drive system, more passenger headroom, cheaper price.
Comment from : Yippie

Phil G
Add a REAL 4wd with low range on RAV4, and that will be great little ADV vehicle.
Comment from : Phil G

Chippy The Chipmunk
Comment from : Chippy The Chipmunk

Jonathan Chartrand
talking about some frivolous features, "I love the orange trim", big deal. Doesn't any reviewer ever mention seat adjustment for shorter drivers.
Comment from : Jonathan Chartrand

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