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Davi Edmond
Bought the fully equipped Forester Touring and i cant say i liked the previous foresters cuz i was not into what the previous designs were but this lil newbie design has was above a beyond the old one and anything that does pop up and annoy me is stupid small stuff thats not a deal breaker and i really recommend this styling and performance overhaul thats been given and i cant speak for the basic version cuz mine is touring edition but mine is lux
Comment from : Davi Edmond

Antonio Salazar
Can you do a review of the Hyundai Santa Fe 2020 pleaseeeeeeeeeeee. 🙏🙏🙏🙏
Comment from : Antonio Salazar

Antonio Salazar
Dunno if it's just me ...but you seem really ...really tall or the car is very low ...lol!!
Comment from : Antonio Salazar

Subaru would have a great car here if they just got ride of the Boxer engine.
Comment from : bigbangnone

Matthew Brennan
I drive conservatively and live on a flat island. I just barely average 25 mpg. Don’t be fooled
Comment from : Matthew Brennan

Aaron Loomis
I bought the 2020 Forester Sport. I love it. I like the balcked out rims, and black/orange body accents. Beautiful and rugged vehicle that is perfect for all of my adventures in Colorado.
Comment from : Aaron Loomis

What do you think of the new Rav-4 Prime? That car's power and overall performance works for all-electric short excursions of 39 miles and the 302 hp engine with 5.8-second zero to 60 is amazing for a high mpg compact Suv. It may the Suv worth stepping up into.
Comment from : wind7sailor

The ads laughed me haha
Comment from : 我是领导给我撑伞

Susan Neely
The odd thing I love about the Forester is that I can clean the inside of the windshield all by myself!!! I have very short arms!! Not sure if the 2019 has hi-beam assist which is essential. My son says not to buy one(based on someone who hates their Crosstrek) so I probably will!!
Comment from : Susan Neely

Marcus Harrigan
I assume no paddle shifters in the Limited and Premium? If so, a big time engineering fail. Hilly areas, especially with snow, demand a non brake based solution for slowing the vehicle over long downhill grades. The singular 'low" setting is insufficient and the x-mode only works under 20 mph. That leaves you with only the orange striped sport or the limited with its multitude of pricey gimmicks. I suppose it's wonderful in Florida, but not in Vermont and Colorado.
Comment from : Marcus Harrigan

Инжалид Цомманд
You can turn off ASS system, but only till next start. It defaults to on. This is no buy for me.
Comment from : Инжалид Цомманд

Frank Johnson
Cough Tariff Cough
Comment from : Frank Johnson

William Mack
This guy is horrtible unless you don't want to sell Foresters !
Comment from : William Mack

Tomas Del Rio
to many Ah!!
Comment from : Tomas Del Rio

Dennis Smith
I lost it on the 25th 'er' and 'erm'.. Couldn't watch anymore so gave this review a 'er'.. 'erm' .. a miss.
Comment from : Dennis Smith

Nam Ji
No comments about the child safety in the rear seat warning for 2020 MY?
Comment from : Nam Ji

Deborah Faught, CVT
Just ordered a 2020 Subaru Forester Premium. I've never owned a Subaru before either but it's very popular here in Indiana where I live. I'm looking forward to picking it up!
Comment from : Deborah Faught, CVT

Thanks for the honest review. I agree with you that they should have waited 1 year, and put the bigger, better tablet in the Forester too. I hate the shuttering stop/start system too, it hasn't been improved. I had hoped that Subaru would have added their 2.4 turbo engine as an option for the Forester, but they are sticking with their slow accelerating, but fuel-efficient, base-only engine. Still no 360 camera on the touring trim either. Same Car, just more expensive.
Comment from : wind7sailor

Which model are you reviewing? The premium model is supposed to have LED rear brake lights, and also heated rearview side mirrors???
Comment from : sparkyrn1

What is wrong with the vehicle?
Comment from : TheDarkseid

Not a fan of how it looks ! I’ll stick with my outback
Comment from : Shughes

Brian Rener
According to link below - with the new global platform its bigger, more seating room, more comfortable seats, quieter stiffer ride, engine HP boost, dual climate controls, larger rear gate opening, and more ? www.planetsubaru.com/2020-subaru-forester-changes.htm
Comment from : Brian Rener

Edward Chavez
No 2019 in Calif or Az
Comment from : Edward Chavez

Jermaine Blalock
So you do a car review under trees obscuring the entire view of the vehicle. Can’t be serious
Comment from : Jermaine Blalock

Subaru Scott Henry
I just don't like it, it looks to much like a older outback if Subaru would have called the 2020 Forester a out back I would be like ok now Subaru is going back to there old was with small cars. SUBARU YOUR CARS ARE TO FUCKIN BIG AND UGLY
Comment from : Subaru Scott Henry

Great, comprehensive overview. Too much uh and umm, which was distracting, but thank you for covering everything.
Comment from : S K

How tall are you? I just ordered the touring and I am 6 foot tall and a little concerned about the overly forward headrests.
Comment from : iCodyonline

Sid name
Side mirrors are not heated? So when they fog up or frost over they are not heated? Maybe I misunderstood something all SUV's have heated side mirrors (I thought)
Comment from : Sid name

U Cymatic
Appreciate the review but would recommend working on saying “um” every few seconds! It’s really distracting and would improve your overall professionalism. 👍
Comment from : U Cymatic

David Nguyen
Love the review. Only have one huge issue: the reviewer is tooooo cute. Very very distracting. Kidding. Bring him back every time, please
Comment from : David Nguyen

Bladimir A. Valencia M.
pensé que Jordi ENP estaba haciendo review de vehículos ahora jajaja!
Comment from : Bladimir A. Valencia M.

Ilija Bosnjak
I just don't like Subaru,,that's all...
Comment from : Ilija Bosnjak

Don denis
I am glad there is still an in dash CD player, good for you Subaru.
Comment from : Don denis

Can someone tell me where the 9 speakers are located in the 2019 or 2020 Subaru Forester Limited with the Harman Kardon 576 watt equivalent sound system? I can only find 7. 2 in the dash, 1 in each door and 1 subwoofer in the rear hatch area. That totals only 7.
Comment from : purpleharley05

BUGFISH Deutschland
Comment from : BUGFISH Deutschland

Giovanni Mejia
I purchased a brand new 2015 Subaru Forester four years ago. I paid $30K for it and that was THE worse mistake ever from my part. I just sold it with 60,000 miles and instead purchased a brand new 2020 Kia Sedona EX. Best thing I ever did. I will never again spend so much money on a rinky dinky over priced four cylinder car. The Subaru sales people and the same place where I purchased my Forester were trying to get me into this new 2020 model because I could not afford the high priced Ascent. I did test drive this new 2020 Forester and It does ride a little better and you can tell it is a bit more refined and it does have a bit more power when you hit the gas when getting into the freeway, but it is still a four cylinder underpowered car for what they are charging you and to me it didn't feel like day and night and there was no WOW feeling to it.

This new Forester only has 10 more HP compared to the 2015 Forester I just sold so is not like jumping into a more powerful six cylinder vehicle. Not even close. These cars feel much nicer when they are new but after a few years the engine seems to get even weaker. Is weird but that's how my 2015 Forester made me feel. My Forester burned one full quart of oil when hitting the gas when going on steep hills. You have to carry extra bottles of oil with these cars.

And last, the CVT transmission. Honestly I don't like it and I don't trust it and I have no idea how long these CVT last, it is kind of unknown at this point in time so I decided to sell it before my extended warranty ran out. These Foresters are really fun to drive, they really are and I loved mine because of the way It feels driving at that high level and the visibility is fantastic , but just the sound of the engine after a while does not inspire confidence nor long term reliability and the power is just not there. For $30K you can get a much better vehicle with more power. I live in Los Angeles, CA and there is never snow here and hardly any rain so I don't even need an AWD car. In reality it is useless for me and these vehicles are more expensive to maintain as well. For driving around the city they are totally fine but when you need it these engines don't have any torque and you really feel it and when you need it is not there. Buy a used Forester instead. Mine cost $30,000 and a few days ago it is worth $12,000. Not worth paying that $30K.

Comment from : Giovanni Mejia

Can you drive it?
Comment from : Piedone21

Cody Wheeler
Do you like the cvt? Have you encountered any problems yet?
Comment from : Cody Wheeler

carlos Ruiz
Nice review, but get rid of those shorts!
Comment from : carlos Ruiz

Just Jan
Nicely done, thank you!! It seems such a solid car, but on an emotional level, I find myself questioning. A CD player? I'm an old gal and can't figure out why they are targeting such a minority older demographic (update: I've since learned this is a considerate and not dated feature as there are a good number of consumers who quite appreciate it). It just makes me think between that and the lane centering feature that they need another refresh. I don't want that much control to govern centering. Trying to compare to the Mazda CX5. Thanks for being thorough and genuine in your review, it's refreshing

Update: So I overcame my initial response and test drove a 2020 Limited. It's definitely not as precise, fun or attractive as my 2018 Mazda CX5 (recently totaled by another driver), but the safety of the astounding visibility (which also makes for light filled scenic driving), decent handling, with overall similar comfort and features undeniably won me over. I just don't miss the rear blindspots of my CX5. The reasonably priced optional Starlink subscription feature (if I'm recalling name correctly) allows for remote start with temperature control through a very user friendly app. The lane centering is designed not to be overly aggressive. The auto start stop can be disabled as can the beeping when the back is open (unlike CX5) if you're hauling a load that sticks out the back. The front cameras with auto braking are a huge safety feature similar to the CX5 and it's very thoughtfully made. The model I chose also has automatic reverse braking if getting too close to something, just like the front braking. Apparently its only available on specific models within the trim package (as are the higher quality speakers), so inquire about it if that's something you want.

Comment from : Just Jan

Cocoa Liveson
Nice review but I'd much rather hear about the base model.
Comment from : Cocoa Liveson

Sherri Perry
Just purchased a 2020 Limited. In fact, I have to wait 2 weeks for it to be delivered to the dealership in Ohio. They don't even have them yet. I can hardly wait! Never owned a Subaru before .
Comment from : Sherri Perry

Dave Price
How do you turn off auto start/stop? We have a 19 sport. If you press the button it deactivates the system until you move and stop again. Then shuts off. So in a 1 mile distance I hit the button 5 times. Once at every traffic light. The only bypass I have found is leave defrost on as that will not allow the car to shut off.
Comment from : Dave Price

David Hendrix
I really like this young man's reviews. I feel like I am getting an honest assessment of the vehicle, and not just an overly subjective sales pitch. Keep up the good work...
Comment from : David Hendrix

Bong Manding
When you were on the part where you mentioned about the CD, what’s up with reaction you made. It’s as if you frowned upon the fact that people still use CDs. I am a 45 and I am actually planning on getting the Forester next month and one of the most important features for me is the CD player. There’s a lot of old fashioned people like me. By the way, do you know how many CDs can I load in there? One thing more, you mentioned the prices of the Limited and Touring, why didn’t you mention the base price and the premium? Anyway, I appreciate the review.
Comment from : Bong Manding

Gary Brown
Great review. A couple comments. Agreed that the sunroof is not panoramic but I actually prefer it. It's really perfect. The huge panoramic sunroofs on most SUVs are potentially problematic. They can and often do leak. Read the forums especially VW forums. Most have translucent shades that let light and heat through. That's bad in place like Florida where I live. This sunroof on the Forester is great because it is large but not too large and has a nice solid sun shade that keeps all of the light out and can be slid back manually. Great choice by Subaru. Panoramic or not, it's the perfect size. Regarding the CD player, I am pleased that Subaru included it. Why? Because CDs provide the best audio playback quality. Better than radio or MP3 or even Satellite radio. And CDs work anywhere. As an audiophile, I really appreciate being able to bring along a few of my favorite CDs on a road trip for the excellent sound quality. So do a lot of people. I just read on another review of the Honda CR-V that the average buyer in the compact SUV segment is 58 years old. There are still lots of buyers in that group that like CDs. Again a good choice by Subaru to include it. Also I like that Subaru builds their infotainment systems elegantly into the dash. I have never gotten used to the look of a tablet glued onto the top of the dash like for example in the new Rav4. I applaud Subaru for bucking this trend for both the new Forester and 2020 Outback. One thing I wish Subaru would do is include the rear seat release buttons in the Limited and Sport trims. The reason I suggest this is that for the same $30,000 price point as the Forester Sport, you can get the Honda CR-V EX-L that comes with leather seats with driver memory settings on the door, and remote rear seat releases. I really want these two features and to get them in the Forester, I have to go for the Touring trim for thousands more. That's a tough pill to swallow and might be enough to tip the scales in favor of the CR-V. The Forester does have the tuning knob on the stereo that the CR-V doesn't. That's one for the Forester. Visibility on the Forester is the best. That's one for the Forester. Wish they would allow the engine auto-stop to be turned off completely. No reason to force it on us. CR-V doesn't have this feature and that's one for the CR-V. I am researching compact SUVs at the moment and these are some of the features that will affect my ultimate decision.
Comment from : Gary Brown

Kent Howerton
Bachman ,I am a trainer for a Subaru dealer. I sometimes implement youtube videos in my training. I am sorry to say that I wont be using any of your videos. I hope this is not a salesman at your dealership! He put down the car as much as he tried to build it up. It is a panoramic moon-roof, not many have one that opens bigger than the forester. It is Starlink connected services not "Onstar". Have him compare what other manufacturers charge for a new model year. They are thousands of dollars for new model years He really complains about 300 dollars...? Someone needs to review these before they go out.
Comment from : Kent Howerton

The only thing I really want from the outback is the front view camera. I did a test drive and I really wasn't that thrilled with the big screen. Plus android auto and car play only take a small portion of the screen and it seemed not a proper ratio so it had some scaling.

I did have some luck getting lane centering to work. But it was definitely hit or miss and it shuts off pretty frequently to error on the side of caution.

Comment from : TxRED

Eduardo Albuerme
There is nothing new really.
Comment from : Eduardo Albuerme

Redlion 702
Great video! I agree I wish they would have brought some of the 2020 Outback features over to the Forester.
Comment from : Redlion 702

Michael Taylor
Is a hybrid forester in the works for 2020 or 2021?
Comment from : Michael Taylor

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