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Stephen Sangalli
Terrible camera angles.
Comment from : Stephen Sangalli

Stephen Sangalli
Quit talking and show us the cars.
Comment from : Stephen Sangalli

Stephen Sangalli
Wheels on Premium are hideous.
Comment from : Stephen Sangalli

Stephen Sangalli
Tinted front windows are illegal in some states.
Comment from : Stephen Sangalli

Sam DaSham
Too much chatter not enough video of the cars.........
Comment from : Sam DaSham

Auburn 1981
I have a 2012 Subaru Forester with 120,000 miles with no problem, just normal maintenance.
Comment from : Auburn 1981

Cocoa Liveson
Nice review/description. Thanks. Wish the base model came with X-mode. Otherwise: really don't like the moon-roof or power tail gate or roof rails (because the SSD rails are SO MUCH better and bolt right on to the factory studs) on the other trim levels. Don't like the rear spoiler as it preemptively hits anything on the roof when the tailgate is opened. If you remove it, it leaves holes. It's absolutely dysfunctional in reality, useless cosmetic fluff that causes problems. If Subaru made a base model with X-mode I'd trade my current one in. Subaru needs to actually talk to people who use their Foresters for active sports. BTW, the awful, non-removable roof rack on the Outback makes it useless for paddle sports people. So many paddlers have switched from Outbacks to Foresters (or a different brand) just because of the Outback roof rack. If Subaru had someone read the canoe/kayak forums they'd be educated. Also you should hear the cursing at the parking lots of paddling put-ins from people with power tail gates (all brands). BTW, I love my base Forster but would like X-mode without all the negative, dysfunctional junk on the Premium.
Comment from : Cocoa Liveson

roberto araya
Thank you for the excellent video, greetings from Chile
Comment from : roberto araya

John Smith
Don’t need a dam turbo for this
Comment from : John Smith

Dave S
Helpful and very informative review..Thanks.. I have a base 2014 Forester model. Will be replacing mines with a 2021 model most likely. Too bad there isn't a 40-20-40 split rear seats..That would super handy.
Comment from : Dave S

Antonio Padua
Very well done. I just bought a 2018 XT, so I have most of the bells and whistles. The leather in the 2019 Touring model is awesome!
Comment from : Antonio Padua

Dominic Fong
Wonder if current Subaru still has head gasket and engine oil burning issues. Until then, it is a risky buy and something I definitely don't want to own past the 5 year mark.
Comment from : Dominic Fong

Davin Harty
the way how i drive my sport forester you are joking about the performance, nut shell, 13k miles i need tires already.
Comment from : Davin Harty

Parvaiz Naseem
Excellent Video
Comment from : Parvaiz Naseem

Thank You
Sport 🥎
Comment from : Thank You

i like the sport but black rims look horrible
Comment from : endrizo

Frank Ambrose
50 more hp please
Comment from : Frank Ambrose

Only a 4-way adjustable passenger seat with no seat height adjustment on ALL trims for the exception of the highest Touring trim at $35,000. That is just idiotic and cheap. It's also a deal breaker for potential buyers who have taller or shorter passengers to think about. No one want's to be uncomfortable or car sick on long road trips. This is a big oversight for Subaru.
Comment from : Yippie

Karolina Nysztal
thx bruh
Comment from : Karolina Nysztal

Buddy Yow
Just bought the TOURING,  LOVE THE CAR, great video
Comment from : Buddy Yow

Safety Window Auto Glass And Tint
Comment from : Safety Window Auto Glass And Tint

Murat Ertugrul Pala
I was looking for a sport trim review and found this video. Unfortunately there wasn’t any dashboard pic. The camera was on the side at all times. Other than that, I learned a lot from the video. Thanks.
Comment from : Murat Ertugrul Pala

Peter Gunn
Just Bought 2019 Forester premium option 15 for 30k tax ,doc,etc dim mirror add and star link remote start👍 old bridge New Jersey ask for Dean 👍 Tell him Pete set you 🇺🇸 Great guy straight shooter👌 I called over a dozen dealers around Nyc beat all other quotes by 1700 $ out the door😀
Comment from : Peter Gunn

Great video thank you
exactly what I was looking for

Comment from : Streetrulz

chris  rice
Well 6 months in this should be on a buyer advantage because of the 20's coming in around shortly..I think I'll be patient and get a nice deal..great video I'd buy from your lot of I lived in Colorado.
Comment from : chris rice

Ann Halbower
love that leak under the car you're talking next to!!
Comment from : Ann Halbower

Willie Swift
How is the audio system in the base compared to the premium?
Comment from : Willie Swift

shirin malik
Great informative video. Thanks
Comment from : shirin malik

Bill W
Have you done one of these for rhe legacy's? Suburu, needs to hire you to go around to other dealer ships or make videos of how to break these cars down in a simple and informative manner. You crushed this. Hope you don't mind if I use your stule here? Its brilliant... Also in a state that is 1000 miles away so i wont be stepping on toes 😁
Comment from : Bill W

Chris Perry
Can you get the touring without all the chrome?
Comment from : Chris Perry

Chris Perry
FAMOUS global platform? lol
Comment from : Chris Perry

Well, looks like they will F-up the '20 OB for me. Love the no more Bug-eyed fog lights. Hate they're discontinuing the 3.6r, 6 cyl engine.
Yo no quiero no "turbo-busted" 4 cyl.
Damn, looks like it's going to be a Bug-eyed, 2019 Limited for me afterall.

Comment from : ernieD

Richard Tannehill
Inadquate explanation of just what "paddle shifters" actually do. Also, would have been nice to keep the audio levels the same between segments.
Comment from : Richard Tannehill

Tim Roach
Looking forward to a new Forester eventually. Will wait until we can get a red one with black leather interior. Subaru is stupid to not make this an option. Also eliminate the wheels that look like snowflakes and ceiling fans. Ug.
Comment from : Tim Roach

Cure Meister
Would've liked to see what the dash looks like in each trim instead of just the side view.
Comment from : Cure Meister

Garrett Matthews
Wow, that was the best review I’ve seen! Way to know your stuff and share it well!
Comment from : Garrett Matthews

John Sprogis
Who cares?
Comment from : John Sprogis

The "Sport" isn't very sporty.
Comment from : Carrrl

Chairman Meow
Can you disengage the driver focus/driver distraction mitigation system on the Touring trim? Sometimes I like to look around when I'm on stretches of road where there's no traffic
Comment from : Chairman Meow

Jason K
Paddle shifters on a CVT?? What is the point?
Comment from : Jason K

Good info on the option package level's, didn't know there was 3 levels with sport, ive ordered a sport and now sent a message to my dealer to clarify im getting option package 24 with sport like the one they had for our test drive.. last thing i want is the entry level 21 package
Comment from : MyHairyChin

Don denis
To bad Subaru dropped the manual in the Forester.
Comment from : Don denis

This clip was perfect. I needed the full trim builds etc. and it has really helped in our purchase decision. Thanks for the clear presentation :)
Comment from : nepafu666

Mark Sandstrom
I highly commend your knowledgable detailed approach to all this - something I've been very disappointed about with all the Puget Sound area dealership folks I've talked to in the 2 1/2 years we've owned our '17 Forester XT Touring. It has turned out that electronic gadgets are by far the most frustrating aspect of our car, and I myself seem to know more about them than anyone I ask around here locally (where Subarus are not exactly rare): 1) the memory seat position loses its place on height, and needs to be reset every month or 2 otherwise it will go to max height after each door unlocking (it's perfect about reach and rake) 2) the doors stay unlocked forever after an inadvertent "butt-unlocking" from me inside the house with the keys in my pocket 3) the stereo cannot be muted when the transmission is in reverse 4) there is a mysterious "bong" chime which sounds only once in a great while, only on a long trip, with no explanatory message readout 5) the navigation zoom-in zoom-out function never automatically works the way I would want 6) the auto headlights are way too slow to react to garages & tunnels 7) shutting off the ignition prior to shifting to Park produces an unexplained endless series of beeping 8) I have separate winter tire rims with TPMS sensors and the car's inability to memorize all 8 sensors without semi-annual trips to the tire store is maddening. All of this together seems to me like a prime scenario for an "operating system update" like my Mac and my iPhone get from time to time. How about it, Subaru? I'm not finding these annoyances any less dumb or frustrating the longer I own my car.
Comment from : Mark Sandstrom

Suggestion: time stamps for each trim
Good video!

Comment from : B B

I thought the base model alloys looked like sheet covers... 😳
Comment from : nchia

Great review!!! Kudos to the host!!!!
Comment from : A Y

Mack John
Can I get touring blacked out?
Comment from : Mack John

Johan Bostelaar
Comment from : Johan Bostelaar

Dave Wolly
What does the dealership do with all the license plate brackets that come With these vehicles ??? How come you don’t use them ??? I live in a state that doesn’t require a front plate and my Subaru came with a black plastic license plate bracket. The dealer didn’t install it they just leave it in the back if you want it. Do you guy sell them for extra $$$$
Comment from : Dave Wolly

Is there a video that explains the 2019 Outback Trim Levels? I'm going to test drive some Outbacks' next week. Leaning to the LImited/Touring w/3.6, 6 cyl engine. But I want to drive the 4 cyl to see if I can live with that motor. Coming out of my '15 Highlander, I hope the Subies' are as smooth, quiet, roomy as my HL.

I already think the Forester will feel too small. And I hope no big exterior body changes come with the 2020 Outback refresh. That'd suck if I buy a '19 model.

Comment from : ernieD

Backyard Ballistics
So the Sport trim isn’t real leather?!
Comment from : Backyard Ballistics

Fred Crews
I wonder why Subaru used such ugly designs for the wheels on the Base and Premium.
Comment from : Fred Crews

KW Tay
Which trim has 360 camera view?
Comment from : KW Tay

Craig Shannon
Great overview of all the differences of trims and packages. Seriously thinking of trading our Cx5 (great car) for a New Forester. Total dilemma: Like Touring Model, mostly due to upgraded leather interior especially the brown leather and a few extra features , Hate the chrome grill & surround , Like the Sport Black trim and wheels kinda dislike the Orange trim in and out .
Comment from : Craig Shannon

Dustin Brown
Heated steering wheels are not standard on Limited. They can be upgraded though. They are standard on Touring. Am i wrong?
Comment from : Dustin Brown

Imran Rashid
Can you comment on the noise inside the cabin at 60mph and 80mph? What's the db noise inside? I downloaded an app to compare the inside noise of cars. Thanks!
Comment from : Imran Rashid

I like the touring trim. I am thinking of getting the horizon blue pearl with the brown leather. Brown leather makes it look rich looking. I am getting my forester sometime this summer or later this year.
Comment from : Girlsloveforcars

kev ersatz
have you got an exposed chasis of the SGP in your showroom?
Comment from : kev ersatz

Jeff R.
Well done.
Comment from : Jeff R.

Julaiha idris
You forgot the STi trim for the Forester
Comment from : Julaiha idris

Ryan Slemmer
Just put a deposit down on a 19 Dark Gray Sport... Unfortunately that was mere hours after the Stop Sale was issued Saturday... Are the replacement parts already dealer available, or how quick this fix will be? Obviously processing of the recall inspection/repair are going to vary by dealer considering they would still have to be Delivery/State inspected and prepped for sale...
Comment from : Ryan Slemmer

Turf Surf
Limited and Touring chrome treatment in the front are the ugliest of all trims. Just need to tune it down a little, and less shinning and more brushed/satin chrome. By the way, it would have been so much cooler if they made the steering wheel leather and gear shift leather booty also the same brown leather, one can only dream.
Comment from : Turf Surf

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